#Slicktalk! - A multi-dimensional podcast featuring two highly opinionated & passionate Black men. Within each episode, they’ll explore, discover and address the components that make up their intersected identities and communities. Based in Oakland, CA and established in June of 2018, these two very good friends first got the idea of creating a podcast after having bi weekly “wine downs” where they came together, sat around a table with wine and discussed every and anything that came to mind. Some of their first topics included: Gentrification, Culture appropriation, Love/relationships and Entertainment. These multifaceted Black men are on a mission to make you laugh & love again. But also to create dialogue, empathy and safe spaces in their community & culture.” 


“Dev The Coolest”


A San Francisco (pre-gentrification *eye roll*) native and lover of all things entertainment.

He unwaveringly looks for ways to encourage and foster mental wellness through viable positive alternatives for his intersected communities.

Extremely comfortable having the “uncomfortable conversations,” this is what drives him in every episode of #SlickTalk; in addition to, of course, his AMAZING co-hosts that keep the party going and tea spilling! He appreciates each and every supporter that tunes into the show and is looking forward to all that’s to come!

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Born & raised in the Bay Area, JB knew from an early age that he wanted to do something positive to impact the world.


A huge lover of life, with a big personality, JB enjoys traveling all over and meeting new people. He is very passionate about his family & community and believes


#Slicktalk is one of the best things that has ever happened to him. He is excited for what is to come and appreciates the love & support.”

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