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When life starts poppin' off at the mouth, you need to respond ... and you need to respond with all the wit, confidence, and eloquence that you have at your disposal.


Whether you read So What We Not Gon' Do... cover-to-cover, or flip it open at-will, you'll always find a quote or quip that will either leave you in stitches or in thought. SMITH, the only guy in Hollywood crazy enough to rock a beaded beard, brings you a collection of life nuggets shared over the last decade across Facebook and Twitter based on his whimsical daily life.


Indulge in responses that deal with purpose and growth, reality, self-worth, inspiration, spirituality and unapologetic truth. This will either get you together or, if needed, help you get someone else together. Enjoy this fashion-forward and spunky approach to becoming a Word-SMITH. It won't leave you speechless any time soon. 


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