Podcast Cover Art

Podcast Cover Art

Podcasts are an an almost wholly auditory experience. You create an intimate connection with your audience basically by whispering in their ears for an hour. But before your words reach the ears of your listeners, there is one area where the visual is just as important: your podcast cover art.


Your podcast cover is the first thing your listeners will see when they search for it on their phones. It’s a visual first impression for your podcast and what you are trying to say. Just as importantly, good podcast cover art is one of the requirements for becoming a featured podcast on iTunes, Spotify or the HausHill Entertainment app.


Includes 15 minute cover art consulation via phone, email or chat via HausHillMedia.com

  • Content Quality

    All content created by HausHill Media will be delivered in the highest quality to the destination of your choice. 


    In addition, copy-editing of your text or content includes checking the grammar (corrections of all grammatical errors), spelling (correction of all spelling errors), punctuation (correction of all punctuation errors), consistency (imposing a consistent style) and textual structure (ensuring that the structure is well organized).  Copy-editing does not include development (any writing apart from ensuring consistent structure), rewriting, ghost-writing or critique or evaluation of the text or content. 

  • Re-Edits

    If you claim a re-edit, the copy-editor will do the re-edit at no extra cost to you.

  • Re-Edit Policy

    When copy-editing has been completed, you have four days from the next business day to evaluate, accept or claim a re-edit.  If you fail to do so, you are deemed to have accepted the work. 


    If you do not accept the work, you can claim a re-edit, stating your explicit reasons for doing so.  When claiming a re-edit, this is not a refund, you must have made no chages to the content, and addressed all notes and comments form the copy-editor.  If ou fail to provide a reason for your refusal of edited text, you are deemed to have accepted the work 


    If you do not accept the re-edited content, and your claim is legitmate and supported by substantive proof, your payment will be reimbursed, and the copy-editor will not receive any payment. 

  • Content Confidentiality

    HausHill Media acknowledges that copy-editors may be privy to confidential information in the form of sensitive or unpublished material.  To ensure client confidentiality, all HausHill Media copy-editors shall agree to work under a non-disclosure agreement by using the service.  The non-disclosure agreement can be found in full in our FAQs. 

  • HausHill's Right to Refuse the Job

    Upon acceptance of the text, the copy-editor has the right to refuse the job if it doesnt meet the standard that makes it possible for the copy-editor to complete the job.  This also includes when the copy-editor discovers that he or she cannot carry out the job to an acceptable standard for whatever reason.  If the copy-editore refuses the job, you will be notified via email, and your payment reimbursed. 

  • Delivery and Deadlines

    All dates and times provided for content delivery are approximate, and based on previous orders of the same size.  HausHill Media cannot be held liable for any loss or damage caused by a later delivery time than the approximate one.