Facebook Content Creation

Facebook Content Creation

Writer's block?  Can't figure out what to post on your Facebook page?


HHM Facebook Content Creation Options Include:


  • Facebook Cover Art - a text post made on the social media applicaiton Twitter.
  • Facebook Page Cover - short (0:05 seconds) to long form (2 min 2 sec), video based content or commercial for Twitter.
  • Facebook Event Cover - niche based content can be textual (tweet) or visual (video) that is created to resonate powerfully with your audience in order to drive stronger results.
  • Facebook Post -


Content Creation Options (continued) -



Videos are among the most compelling and popular formats for Facebook posts. YouTube reportedthat over 500 years of YouTube videos are watched every day on Facebook. Merchants can use video for product promotion, to drive awareness, and for branding.

Photos - According to Facebook, posts that include a photo generate up to 180 percent more engagement than the average post. Hence, use images whenever possible.

Links are one of the best ways to drive traffic to your ecommerce site.

Use Questions to gather opinions about something related to your brand or products, and to drive engagement among fans.

“Events” are for mainly for those that take place at physical locations. But they are not restricted to that. Ecommerce merchants can use events for special product promotions, webinars, or seasonally related sales.

Text-only posts can be used for many reasons, such as announcements, questions that do not require polling options, or well-known quotes.



    • Content Quality

      All Facebook content created by HausHill Media will be delivered in the highest quality to the destination of your choice. 


      In addition, copy-editing of your text or content includes checking the grammar (corrections of all grammatical errors), spelling (correction of all spelling errors), punctuation (correction of all punctuation errors), consistency (imposing a consistent style) and textual structure (ensuring that the structure is well organized).  Copy-editing does not include development (any writing apart from ensuring consistent structure), rewriting, ghost-writing or critique or evaluation of the text or content. 

    • Re-Edits

      If you claim a re-edit, the copy-editor will do the re-edit at no extra cost to you.

    • Re-Edit Policy

      When copy-editing has been completed, you have four days from the next business day to evaluate, accept or claim a re-edit.  If you fail to do so, you are deemed to have accepted the work. 


      If you do not accept the work, you can claim a re-edit, stating your explicit reasons for doing so.  When claiming a re-edit, this is not a refund, you must have made no chages to the content, and addressed all notes and comments form the copy-editor.  If ou fail to provide a reason for your refusal of edited text, you are deemed to have accepted the work 


      If you do not accept the re-edited content, and your claim is legitmate and supported by substantive proof, your payment will be reimbursed, and the copy-editor will not receive any payment. 

    • Content Confidentiality

      HausHill Media acknowledges that copy-editors may be privy to confidential information in the form of sensitive or unpublished material.  To ensure client confidentiality, all HausHill Media copy-editors shall agree to work under a non-disclosure agreement by using the service.  The non-disclosure agreement can be found in full in our FAQs. 

    • HausHill's Right to Refuse the Job

      Upon acceptance of the text, the copy-editor has the right to refuse the job if it doesnt meet the standard that makes it possible for the copy-editor to complete the job.  This also includes when the copy-editor discovers that he or she cannot carry out the job to an acceptable standard for whatever reason.  If the copy-editore refuses the job, you will be notified via email, and your payment reimbursed. 

    • Delivery and Deadlines

      All dates and times provided for content delivery are approximate, and based on previous orders of the same size.  HausHill Media cannot be held liable for any loss or damage caused by a later delivery time than the approximate one.